Delivery Quotes – Automated!

Delivery Quotes - Automated

A quick scenario..... a customer is online and they are ordering from your site.
What if you could offer FREE Delivery, or a subsidised rate... as long as their transaction value was high enough?
Well, we have this option and we have made it really easy to set up.
FREE Delivery with a minimum spend drives customers wild. They will order stuff they don't even need, just to get it for FREE.

​How ​Does it Work?

What Looks Better?

Delivery $45.00 Flat rate

​We have created a simple method where you set a rate per distance that your delivery is worth. Then you decide for every $ spent, how much you will 'credit' towards their delivery value. Might sound complicated but it is really simple.
A conspicuously placed 'Delivery Calculator' is on every page and they just add an address, confirm the location (we use Google Maps) and the full rate is calculated.
​Then we turn it around. Instead of 'Delivery is $45.00' we say 'Spend $300.00 and receive FREE Delivery' (**This is a sample only, you make the rules**)
​This greatly increases order value per customer.