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1 minute rental quote
Follow Our Customer Quote Journey Today I am telling you about how we can make really fast, simple quotes that[...]
Delivery Quotes – Automated!
Delivery Quotes - Automated A quick scenario..... a customer is online and they are ordering from your site. What if[...]
Automatic SEO
​Automatic SEO Built In ​​We have made RentalMagnet Application natively SEO friendly.As you add your items and descriptions we create[...]
Items and Packages
​Items and Packages ​​Just a quick overview of how we create and manage our items and packages.All items have a[...]
Quote Structure in Progress
​Quote Structure ​We have created the smartest and easiest quote templates. Simply use our 'Rapid Quote' module for really simple[...]
Video Coming Soon
​A Quick Video​Here is a quick video for our logo and a link to our YouTube channel where you can[...]
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