Items and Packages

​Items and Packages

​​Just a quick overview of how we create and manage our items and packages.

All items have a 'hero' image as well as any number of extra product images you wish to use. It is totally unlimited.

The 'Hero' image is included as the main item image on your website as well as in any quotes or booking pages.
Other images (at least 4 are recommended) will help you show off your wares from many angles for the best chance of getting the booking.

You can add videos, PDF files and anything else inside of our fully flexible description to help customers choose your inventory instead of a competitor's offering.

A package is made up of a group of stocked items. So naturally we have designed the back end to add these items and get a maximum number of packages automatically.
​You can set a lower maximum as well if some items are in demand with other more profitable packages as well. It's totally up to you.

sample item image with video and text

This is a mid production sample of an item with many images and a video embedded.