1 minute rental quote

Follow Our Customer Quote Journey

Today I am telling you about how we can make really fast, simple quotes that compel customers to buy immediately.
A client named Axel called at 3.30pm. He enquired about our sound systems as his wedding is in a couple of weeks.
There were 2 choices that could suit depending on his budget.

I know his rough delivery location, his first name, the event date and his cell phone number. So I offered to check pricing and send a message with my suggestions.

Axel's booking image

I Added 2 Variations to Choose From

This was all of the information I needed to add 2 choices (variations) so Axel could choose the option for him.
The delivery location was set to the city centre (Humpty Doo) and now the system can calculate the distance and charges to deliver without any thought on my behalf whatsoever!

SMS templates

Using the SMS template I was able to send a pre-configured message directly to Axel's cell phone via sms from within the software.
If I needed to I could edit the template before sending, but this time it was absolutely fine.

Booking Approved!

Not more than 2 minutes later, Axel had received the quote, chosen his preferred option (It was the large sound system) and paid in full.
I received confirmation emails from the payment provider (Stripe) and Axel received his login details so he could monitor the booking.

What Happens Next?

Axel's booking is in the system. We don't have to do anything at all until we deliver.
The back end system will remind Axel 10 days before his booking we have not forgotten him (great for adding customer satisfaction) an it also avoids Axel calling or messaging us because he knows we are on top of things.

Extra Follow-ups Automated!

As well as the delivery confirmation, Axel will also receive a message if we make any changes or notes on his quote.
His reply actually asked for delivery to be early afternoon. We can see this note in our calendar while we are arranging our jobs and deliveries and plan accordingly. Once we have confirmed the best delivery times and arranged them in our calendar, Axel will also receive an sms and email letting him know the estimated times our delivery will arrive.
The times are created using our Google calendar so we can see exactly where we need to be and it is simple to adjust the delivery times to suit. 

Before Calendar is Arranged.

We use google calendar to sort and order our rental deliveries

After Calendar is Arranged Ready to Send!

After Google calendar is sorted